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World of Warcraft Maps

Map Making

Ignis Faatus, one of SE's founders, loves making maps. As a result of studying Cartography and talking to players about how they use maps in RPG games, he has decided to make two kinds of maps for WoW; fancy and plain.

Fancy vs. Plain

The fancy style is full color with general map details. This map style is designed to help you understand general details of the area. These maps tend to be used to help the player feel like they are using a real map during game play. The plain map style has less color and plenty of room for the player who wishes to write on the map and make notes about the game.

Players Map Worksheet

The Players Map Worksheet is a blank template to help you create your own maps from scratch.

Map Content

For now, Ignis has created a map of each island and noted the cities. Once the game is released, more detail will be added to each map, so check back often for new versions.

Shadows Edge Maps
World Maps World Map Fancy
World Map - Fancy
World Map Plain
World Map - Plain
Azeroth Maps Azeroth Map Fancy
Azeroth Map - Fancy
Azeroth Map Plain
Azeroth Map - Plain
Lordaeron Maps Lordaeron Map Fancy
Lordaeron Map - Fancy
Lordaeron Map Plain
Lordaeron Map - Plain
Kalimmdor Maps Kalimmdor Map Fancy
Kalimmdor Map - Fancy
Kalimmdor Map Plain
Kalimmdor Map - Plain
Players Map Worksheet Players Map Worksheet
Players Map Worksheet

Dark Age of Camelot Maps can be found here

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